'Twas 3 days before Christmas

Published 12/22/2015

'Twas 3 days before Christmas, I'm selling a house
It's completely pest free - not one single mouse!
The buyers are psyched 'cause they got such a deal
The sellers are happy - it wasn't a steal!
The torch will be passed from one to the other...
New memories will be made - a new little brother!
Once papers are signed, they move forward, you see
One with more cash; one with children times three!
The boxes are packed and ready for shipping
The buyers, undaunted, are happy and skipping!
Once donning their nightshirts, with buttons a poppin'
The sellers will have lots of loot in their stockin'!
If you know anyone looking for a home
Tell them they have no further to roam
Now think of your realtor while meeting your friends
'Cause when working with me, the fun never ends!
Give my name and number; and introduction is better
A referral, hands down, really beats a new sweater!