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Jean Allard, SRES is Vice President and Sales Associate with Keystone Real Estate Group. Feel free to comment on Jean's blog posts and ask any questions you may have on all facets of real estate!

Wipe Your Feet!

Published 03/02/2015

Who wants snow tracked through the house by potential buyers?  You want them to see it, but you don't want the mess.  Put down a bright and cheerfully colored doormat. This serves two purposes: keeps the house clean, and says "welcome" at the same time.

You could also provide umbrellas by the back door.  Those wishing to see the yard can protect themselves from the elements.  They'll appreciate it.  The secondary benefit to you? The buyers perceive your attention to detail as indicative as to how well you maintain your home.

Remember to keep the heat on, too.  You want to convey warmth in every sense of the word.  If the buyers are cold, they won't want to linger in the house.  Make sure they feel at home.  After all, your goal is to make this THEIR home, right?

Who IS that lovely child?

Published 02/26/2015

Your house is on the market.  It's clean and ready to put its best face forward, right?  Here's something to keep in mind. A prospective buyer needs to see open space, and to envision living there with their family.  If you have created a photographic shrine to honor little Susie, the buyers get distracted.  While your child is obviously the most beautiful creature in the universe, the buyer gets stuck.  You see, they need to imagine that wall filled with photos of THEIR family.  Not everyone has the imagination to see past YOUR beautiful children. Pack away those family photos.  You can create a new collage in the new house.  The one you are selling needs to be neutrally pleasing. If buyers are admiring your pictures, they are ignoring what you WANT them to see - the house!