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Published 02/24/2015

Say it isn't so! It's February and you still have Santa on your roof? Holiday lights are hanging from the bushes and wooden reindeer are still on the front lawn?  What message does this send to a potential buyer for your home?  Subconsciously, they are wondering if they even want to bother looking inside.  The message they get is that you just don't care. If you don't care enough to take care of seasonal items, what else have you let go? Roof leaks? General maintenance?

It's been a loooong, cold and snowy winter.  We get that. While the winter months typically slow down for listings, serious buyers are still looking, however.  Here's the opportunity to shine. Go ahead. Take down that inflatable Grinch. He's been buried under the snow and needs to go back in the garage. Untangle those lights and put them away. Hang a wreath of fresh lemons or oranges on the front door to add a pop of color.  It's SO much more welcoming than dead twigs.