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Celebrating One Year In A New Home

Published 08/07/2012

Today I received this note from a client. It absolutely made my day and I had to share:

One year ago we sat in a series of realtors' offices and signed more papers than we could read, involving more money than we could properly comprehend. And then a miracle occurred. Somehow we landed in our beloved Birdnest, here in the greeny woods of Carlisle. By all rights all of this shouldn't have happened. Too many things had to not only (against all odds) go right, but they had to go right in the right order... And, not through our virtue or acumen, they all did. In those offices, in this economy, we sold two homes and bought a third, all on the same day. The next day, our fifth wedding anniversary, we loaded up the truck and moved to Carlisle --- Mass, that is. So many thanks to all of you who packed and lifted and hauled.

Today we celebrate one year in our new home, a haven, a heaven, and a place of welcome to our friends and family. Without the love of each other, this would only be a house. Without all of you, it would be less of a home. Today we hung a hammock to watch the stars through the pines. Tomorrow we celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary. If you have champagne handy, now would be the time to raise a glass. We certainly  are...

Much love from a Birdnest full of Waxwings, Deborah & Glenn